Portugal's Non-Habitual Tax Residency Regime (NHR)

Portugal's Non-Habitual Tax Residency Regime (NHR)

The Non-Habitual Tax Residency Regime (NHR) allows a very attractive taxation for a period of 10 years. The regime was designed to promote the transfer of residence to Portugal of entrepreneurs, investors, specialized professionals and pensioners, placing Portugal as a prime tax solution jurisdiction for individual in receipt of qualifying foreign source income, including employment income, pensions, dividends and interest income.

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The Golden VISA Regime (GV) - Residence Permit for Investment Purposes

This residence permit may be awarded to individuals who are not citizens of any territory forming part of the European Union, or the Schengen Area and meet certain requirements related to investment, acquisition of immovable property and/or creation
of employment.

The GV is initially granted for a 1-year period, which may be successively renewed one or more times for 2-year periods, provided the corresponding requirements remain valid, with regards to investments. After five years, a permanent residence permit may be granted. If the investor elects to obtain a permanent residence permit, it is no longer necessary to maintain the

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